FAQ – What should you tell your interpreter upon contracting him or her?

When hiring an interpreter, you should endeavour to provide him or her with as much information about your project as possible.

Information such as dates, times, and location are vital but details about the subject matter, the speaker/s, the participants, the technology available, and more not only will help your interpreter provide you with the best service possible but also make sure that all your communication needs are met.

See the chart below for guidance: Continue reading “FAQ – What should you tell your interpreter upon contracting him or her?”

FAQ – How much does it cost to work with an interpreter?

A lot less than not working with a professional interpreter, that is for sure.

Let me ask you, if I may: how much is it worth to you to get your patient to take the right dose of his medication? Or to close that deal you have been working on for months and open a new market for your company? Or to pave the way to a better understanding another country? When your goals are in the line, the assistance of a qualified, professional interpreter can actually tilt the scales between failure and success. Continue reading “FAQ – How much does it cost to work with an interpreter?”

FAQ – Do interpreting qualifications really matter?

In my professional opinion, they do. A lot.

Interpreting qualifications are not obtained easily. Interpreters study a lot and undergo plenty of training to become proficient in the different interpreting techniques as well as well versed in the many subjects and topics they will most likely work with throughout their careers.

They also learn about each of their working languages country’s history, literature, symbols, and traditions, as languages do not exist in a vacuum but are intertwined with the culture and peoples that speaks them. Continue reading “FAQ – Do interpreting qualifications really matter?”

MCL Club at the University of Leeds – Branding for Interpreters

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of giving my first seminar at a British university, as I was invited to talk to the students from the Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Leeds about Personal Branding for Interpreters.

And on top of it, I also got to be on the other side of the interpreting coin!

Those students with Spanish A and B in their language combination took turns in the booth to interpret my presentation into English for their fellow students and the faculty and, in turn, to interpret their questions for me. It made for a very interesting experience and I promise to write in more detail about preparing one’s presentation keeping the interpreters’ in mind.

So, on the day, I took the train very early in the morning – see how empty King’s Cross was! Continue reading “MCL Club at the University of Leeds – Branding for Interpreters”