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MCL is an interpreting service designed to assist UK and Latin American diplomats, companies, government agencies, individuals, and NGOs to come together – in business, in international development, in partnership.

What people are saying:

María Cecilia has kindly contributed to my class since its beginnings three years ago by supplying her extensive knowledge and expertise in freelance translators’ relations, including her own working materials. After Cecilia’s talks, my students feel empowered and encouraged, with an extra boost in their sense of responsibility towards the profession. I am proud to count her valuable contributions in my curriculum.


Daniela Bentancur, Translators Trainer -IES en Lenguas Vivas, Juan Ramon Fernandez

Ms. Lipovsek’s passion for her work is only matched by her expertise. Cecilia is also an insightful, engaging person. These are important qualities for any professional who works with people, but they are absolutely essential for an interpreter. I highly recommend Ms Lipovsek to anyone who needs the services of a professional interpreter of the highest caliber. (more…)

Ms Alejandra Jorge, CAIT Idiomas. Director

“Maria Cecilia se desempeñó muy satisfactoriamente como intérprete
en un panel organizado por nuestra institución el 16 de octubre de 2014, titulado Políticas de la Memoria en Sudáfrica y Argentina, del que participaron los profesores Verne Harris, (more…)

E. Jozami, Director Nacional del CCMHC