What people are saying:

Thank you so much for all your kind words.

“María Cecilia is a talented and knowledgeable interpreter and trainer. During my training period with her at Teleinterpreters, she worked very hard to lead me through the ups and downs of community over-the-phone interpreting, involving the teaching of terminology and cultural differences.”

Julieta Vigna, Translator

“Maria Cecilia has volunteered her translating services to the Costa Foundation since 2015 and has been incredibly helpful in enabling us to bridge the language barriers between our charity and our many partners across the world. The quality of Cecilia’s work is exceptional. I would recommend her and the work that she carries out in a heartbeat.”

Piers Blake, Costa Foundation Director

“Maria was a true asset during the accreditation survey of ITAES. She was efficient, organized and quick. She was also very helpful in making the interviewees comfortable and at ease.”

Danielle Dorschner, Executive Director, HSO

“Por mi profesion tuve que dar una serie de conferencias en ingles en el exterior y el profesionalismo y la ayuda de Cecilia fue vital para poder dar mis conferencias sin ningun tipo de problemas y con confianza y seguridad”.

Dr. Pablo Rubino

“Maria Cecilia provides reliable and high quality, on-time translations. She’s a skilled technical translator, with sound educational and cultural background. She combines high levels of professional performance with flexibility, creativity and excellent teamwork.”

Marita Propato, Certified Translator & Interpreter

“Thank you for the inspiring talk @mcltweeting! It was a fantastic event – a great way to start the year! @ITILRG @ITIUK”

Grayscale Translate @GrayscaleTR

“La Srita. Lipovsek ha sido de gran ayuda para mi trabajo cuando estuve en Londres. Además de ser muy atenta y cordial, hizo su labor de intérprete de una manera eficaz, paciente y muy efectiva. Sin duda alguna la recomiendo”.  

Valeria Musse, periodista, diario La Nacion

“María Cecilia has kindly contributed to my class since its beginnings by supplying her extensive knowledge and expertise in freelance translators’ relations, including her own working materials. After Cecilia’s talks, my students feel empowered and encouraged, with an extra boost in their sense of responsibility towards the profession.”


Daniela Bentancur, Translators Trainer -IES en Lenguas Vivas, Juan Ramon Fernandez

“She has worked for me in both corporate and academic contexts and the response has always been the same:  Cecilia Lipovsek  is a responsible, reliable and proficient interpreter who can manage long, complicated sessions flawlessly. Cecilia is also an insightful, engaging person. I highly recommend Ms Lipovsek to anyone who needs the services of a professional interpreter of the highest caliber.”


Ms Alejandra Jorge, CAIT Idiomas. Director

“Maria Cecilia se desempeñó muy satisfactoriamente como intérprete en el panel, Políticas de la Memoria en Sudáfrica y Argentina, del que participaron los profesores Verne Harris, Director de Investigación y Archivo del Nelson Mandela Center, Daniel Rafecas, Juez Federal de la Nación, Marisa Pineau, Lic. en Historia UBA”.

E. Jozami, Director Nacional del CCMHC